Friday, 11 April 2014

Road trip Nation

Road trip Nation: 
A Guide to Discovering Your Path in Life' 2 years ago? The November 2005 issue of Fast Company updated us that the "Road trip Nation" now has many followers; and it begins to form a grassroots movement that helps college students discover truth about the careers. Below are some facts revealed by participants of the "Road trip Nation", they tell us a lot about the mind-set of our youth when time comes to make career choices -
  1. most people say they don't know what they are passionate about.
  2. many people may actually do know what excites them, but lack confidence to pursue that vision;
  3. students think once they make a career decision, they are stuck in it for the rest of their life - or if they don't make a decision right away they'll fall behind, like it's a race.